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  1. Imecca Welsh

    Imecca Welsh New Member


    My name is Mecca and I took the CPC exam twice and failed!!! The first time I failed by 4 points and this time i failed by 1 point. It broke my heart the 2nd time around because I studied very hard and made notations in my coding books. I walked out of the exam room feeling confident, knowing i passed. Now, I have to take it for the 3rd time. It is very important that I pass this exam..... I am ready to get in the world of coding and start a promising career.

    Do anyone have any suggestions? I will not give up until i pass.
  2. Laureen

    Laureen Queen Instructor Staff Member Administrator Moderator CCO Support Staff

    Hi Imecca,

    This is the standard advice I give to my Blitz students if they are coming to me after not passing. If you are not a Blitz student that is step number 1.

    Retake Strategy

    1) Video Clips
    Bubbling & HighlightingTM
    Handling Multiple Code Answers

    2) CPC Practice Exams (Recommended in this order)
    1. AAPC Practice Exams - $30 each (3 online versions 50 questions each)
    2. 150 Question Practice Exam $37 (PDF exam booklet with mini study guide)
    3. CPC Coding Exam Review 2012: The Certification Step $50 (review book with 150 printed exam and 2 online exams)
    3) $5 Replay Club Sign-Up

    1) Bubble & Highlight ENTIRE manual (watch video link above)
    2) Watch EM vides with emphasis on use of tables in book (Separate purchase)
    3) Watch video on how to handle multi code answers
    3) Take AAPC Practice Exams
    one at a time, 2 minutes per question in one sitting
    score your self # correct divided by total questions (50)
    go over all answers and think about how you could have attacked the question differently to be faster.
    4) Do more practice exams until you score an 85%
    5) Schedule a call with me to go over any questions you got wrong and don’t understand. See schedule link in student membership area.
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  3. Misty Dohrn

    Misty Dohrn CPC-A

    Hi Mecca,

    I'm glad that you aren't giving up! I failed my first exam by 1 point and passed my second one. I followed the same advice that Laureen gave you. The only other suggestions that I might offer would be to start at the back of the exam and work forward. The shorter questions are toward the back. Also, I tabbed my books at the bottom. This seems to save me time because I'm not stretching or picking up my books to see the tabs. I also saved time by tabbing my HCPCS book with the alphabet. If I needed to go to the Js, I could locate it quickly instead of flipping through pages to get to the J section.

    Good luck! You will definitely pass this time!
  4. bwil12

    bwil12 New Member

    Mecca, I also failed my first time and will be taking it again this Saturday. I sure hope you pass it this time.
  5. Carolyn Heath

    Carolyn Heath Active Member

    Good luck, bwil12. Mecca and bwil12, I failed the first time, but I passed the second time. I used the AAPC practice exams and Carol Buck's CPC Coding Review Guide. I also used the AAPC Study Guide.
  6. Ruth Sheets

    Ruth Sheets CCO Moderator Staff Member Administrator Moderator CCO Support Staff

    Good luck to every one taking the exam!

    I think most people need extra support and practice to take the exam successfully. That is why I recommend the Blitz Review videos and taking practice exams! Well worth the expense!
  7. bwil12

    bwil12 New Member

    Well, Carolyn and Ruth, I didn't pass the exam. The frustrating thing is that I followed some of the suggestions that Laureen suggested. I can't afford to take the exam until sometime next year. Thanks for the encouragement though.
  8. Carolyn Heath

    Carolyn Heath Active Member

    Don't give up. Keep studying and reviewing and you will pass the exam. After you pass the exam next year, you will keep on learning.
  9. Ruth Sheets

    Ruth Sheets CCO Moderator Staff Member Administrator Moderator CCO Support Staff

    Great advice, Carolyn. Bwil12, if you like medical coding then more study and more mastery of the subject will be worth the time and effort. The CPC exam is a tough one, so it takes a lot of preparation. Best wishes for you on your journey...

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